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chloe, blooming event design, pacific northwest wedding planner


Big dreams, we've all got em'! One April morning I took a deep breath and decided to chase those dreams! I have always loved facilitating FUN!

Making environments STUNNING is what gives me joy. I believe milestones are lifes biggest THRILL!

“The noblest art is that of making people happy.” - P.T. Barnum

With over five years of event planning experience, I know the time and detail that goes into planning extraordinary events. I believe in events that reflect the style and personality of the couple or guest of honor, and that the intricate details are what matter most. I focus my creativity and attention on you. I want to ensure that each client experiences the event of their dreams. I would love to be a part of YOUR milestone.

My husband dubs me the forever optimist. My parents would call me an inspired visionary. My daughters would say I make some pretty awesome huckleberry pancakes! When I'm not planning events you can find me drinking loads of coffee in the mountains or by the lake! I love giving back to my community, playing with my family and ultimately making a difference in the lives of others.


Get to know chloe


Why do I do what I do?

Ultimately it brings me great joy and fulfillment! There really is such light and happiness that we all experience knowing someone in love, and seeing two people connect! I enjoy details and making little or big events special!

What is my favorite part of the wedding?

Just so many moments! It’s hard to choose a favorite! Maybe the look on the groom’s face when his whole world is walking down the aisle. Or that “ I need a hanky” kind of toast that the father of the bride gives. Possibility, the goosebumps I’ve gotten watching a first dance when they are singing the song to each other lost in their own personal moment.

What is my creative process?

The collaboration of ideas! Your ideas, my ideas. Breathing life into the visualizing process. I will bring a fresh exciting approach to your wedding because I know you are not like any other couple out there, and I want your wedding to be as unique, charismatic and epic as you are!

What is your technical process?

Having a point person is the name of the game! It is crucial! There are tons of questions when it comes to planning a wedding and many more on the day itself. You want to be relaxed, having fun, focusing on each other and left ones. I’m in constant communication with your vendors, I am making sure the day is flowing well, and that everyone is on track with the timeline we created. My priority is making sure every single detail is executed just the way you envisioned on your big day.

What do I want my clients to know about me?

First of all, I consider it a privilege and honor to work with you! It is my mission to make sure your wedding is stress-free, fun and runs smoothly. I am an advocate for you. I want you to feel heard and understood. I am detail driven and want the day to reflect you as individuals. I am sensitive to heightened emotions and challenging situations. It is totally possible to be organized, onpoint and laid-back! I put my whole self into my events. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity and consider it a gift each day!



I can’t wait to work with you!